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USB Car Charger for iPhone

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Best iPhone Car Charger

We have two of the 10 watt versions of the Scosche reVOLT and we raved about them on this website.

Scosche just realeased the new 12 watt version of the same charger pictured below.

This is the best iPhone car charger because it is the smallest and the fastest charger online.


iPad Car Charger

We have an exciting usb iPad Car Charger update. Scosche just sent us the Dual USB iPad Car Charger and we couldn't wait to use it and review it. The new and improved 12 watt iPad charger doesn't disappoint. The reVOLT comes equipped to charge two devices at once, with a higher wattage than the original. We strongly recommend this product for many reasons. It features the same look and feel, provides reliable charging capabilities, takes less time to charge, and allows for optimum organization.


Dual USB Car Charger

There are a slew of car chargers on the market and this website exists to help people find the best usb car charger for their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other devices.