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USB Car Charger for iPhone

Dual USB Car Charger

Dual USB Car Charger

There are a slew of car chargers on the market and this website exists to help people find the best usb car charger for their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other devices.

The iPad requires a dual usb car charger powerful enough to charge both the latest iPad and the iPhone 5. A dual USB port, with at least 10 Watts of power, is the best way to go and we set out to find the frontrunner.

Scosche sent us their reVOLT dual usb charger and we instantly put it to the test. The Scosche high quality USB Car Charger came packaged neatly, boasted a sleek design, and impressed us right away. The reVOLT worked perfectly, by effectively charging our devices in a time efficient manner. We found great dependability in the Scosche line of USB car chargers and bought a couple after completing our product review. We proudly display one Scosche usb charger in our Ford Flex and one in our Ford Expedition. We also purchased two retractable lightning cables and appreciate the newfound organization of our cars.